Driver picks the music,shotgun shuts his cake hole

Be you and nobody else.

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#please let this be the last two words of supernatural

how about i stab you in the chest

There’s too much blood and they both know it. This is it. No more redos, no more reset buttons. Dean looks over at where Sam’s sprawled on the ground three feet away. He can barely breathe, ribs skewering his insides, and all he can taste is blood and bile. But he can still see Sammy. Even if Sam can’t see him.

His baby brother’s hazel eyes are slowing but surely glazing over. 

Dean feels it coming, the dark, it’s eating away at the corners of his eyes and his mind.  He searches for something to say, anything, everything in this last moment, but all he manages to cough out is one, final, single word. 


Sam laughs and it’s wet, hacking, his last breath. 

“Jerk,” he replies and they both know, sure as anything, that what they’re really saying is “I love you” and “See you soon.”



I don’t know why I’m reblogging this… I feel horrible promoting cruelty… its like I’m spreading some disease that causes tears and massive holes in one’s chest

I fucking hate all of you 

When his eyes open, he doesn’t know where he is. He shields his eyes from the light before they adjust. That’s when he realizes there is a hand stretched out to him, and his eyes search the one standing before him. Castiel, in his long trenchcoat and backwards tie, gives him a happy grin. “C’mon, Dean. I’m taking you home.”
Dean shakes his head in disbelief. “Cas, I’m done for-“
"Dean, you’re in heaven. Come.." Castiel smiles again, this time, taking Dean’s hand and pulling him up. They only take a few steps before the scenery morphs around them, but that is all Dean needs. Before him stands group of people. The first one he sees is Sammy, who’s arm is over Jess’ shoulder. Beside them, Jo, Ash, and Pam grin and wave to him. Bobby and Ellen stand just behind them, arms around each others waist, Rufus, surprisingly, stands beside them. And then there is Kevin, who gives him a reassuring smile that brings up his guilt, but beside him is where his attention lands. Mary Winchester, his mother. She smiles, her hands clasped at her chest. "Sammy got here first. But you didn’t come straight here. Castiel told us you were going to be here soon, and he didn’t tell us why." She says, softly, as he scans all of them. But he realizes, even though Sam had just joined them too, their eyes all focused on Dean and Castiel, that’s when his eyes travel down his arm, and he realizes his hand is interlocked with the angels. No one looks surprised though, they just smile. Dean shakes his head, and grins lopsidedly, muttering, "Hey, least I’m not in hell….thanks Satan."
Castiel rolls his eyes, nudging Dean, and as this large, odd family comes together, it is officially eternal.

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sometimes i wonder if there was a time when sam and dean forgot to put up a “do not disturb” sign and room service came into sam and dean’s room and saw all the pinned up pictures of murder victims and monsters and all that stuff, and she just kind of went


I was expecting this to be wincest but then it wasn’t and I just


the urls sound like sam and dean trying to one up each other

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